About Blue Scarlet

Welcome, Blue Scarlet is all about strong and vibrant colour - we love it and think it can do amazing things to a space, a chair, even a mood!  With this in mind we sell bespoke furniture, soft furnishings, homewares, art, jewellery, and other selected colourful pieces. We can also 'custom upholster' your furniture or provide you with a selection to choose from so you can be involved in the design process.  

We sell on-line and you're more than welcome to view by appointment.

We also offer an interior design service including spatial planning, lighting, soft furnishings, window treatments, floor coverings, and again, colour. With an Interior Design qualification, broad experience in the industry, and a passion for all things colourful, our desire is to recreate spaces and furnishings that are both fun and functional. 

And our focus is not only on our immediate surroundings - we want to consider the bigger picture, therefore a lot of the product we sell is 'upcycled' and / or hand-made locally, or when sourced from overseas, we ensure it’s from a good place that looks after its staff. We're not just selling 'stuff' for the sake of selling something - all our product is functional and considered.

Thanks for looking! Lou

Be Bright